What Are the Most Prevalent Oral Diseases Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene?

What Are the Most Prevalent Oral Diseases Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene?

Our teeth and mouth play an important role in our lives which is why any minor or major problems with them can significantly disturb your ordinary life routines. So it’s not much surprising to see how your teeth can go wrong over time, especially if you haven’t taken good care of them. Therefore, the aware group of people who understand the importance of oral health and teeth are doing their best to maintain a standard dental routine to prevent most dental problems. However, people usually experience at least one dental issue during their lifetimes despite maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Now think about how many severe dental problems a person can experience if they don’t know the importance of oral health and don’t practice good oral hygiene! The caused oral health problems and diseases for a person with poor oral hygiene can be extremely severe and painful, which forces them to go through a complicated oral treatment to have their oral health back. We here at Lionsgate Family Dental are trained to treat different types of oral diseases, as we will explain later, and help patients get rid of the irritating oral pain and discomfort caused by the intended disease. You might find this article helpful if you want to know what types of oral diseases are most common.

Gum disease:

Gingivitis which is also known as gum disease, is one of the most common oral diseases, which is usually treated by an emergency dentist in minor cases and a periodontist in more severe cases. The reasons for gum disease are typically related to poor oral hygiene or inadequate oral habits that can cause harmful plaques accumulation. Remember, gum disease can also be caused for some patients after having specific dental treatments like wisdom teeth removal if they haven’t carefully maintained the aftercare their dentist instructed.

Chipped or cracked teeth:

Having a broken or cracked tooth is one of the most common oral problems, especially in pediatric dentistry, as children usually face physical damage due to their activities. Also, you may have cracked or broken teeth because of chewing hard foods, mouth grinding, and accidents that necessitate visiting a dentist as soon as possible. Also, remember a professional cosmetic dentist can be a great help as they recommend some beneficial dental cosmetic treatments like dental veneers to fix the visual aspect of your teeth after you have the necessary treatments.

Dental cavities:

Cavities are considered by most people to be the most common oral problem. Dental cavities are caused when food, bacteria or acid coat your teeth and from harmful plaque. Unfortunately, many people avoid the essential treatment for dental cavities as they are terrified of the treatment process. Still, we are glad to inform you that patients barely feel any pain and discomfort while treating dental cavities, thanks to sedation dentistry.

Remember to ask your dentist about preventative dentistry important tips that can reduce the risk of these types of oral diseases.

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