Sedation Dentistry in North Vancouver

Sedation Dentistry

Are you suffering from dental phobia? Don’t wait for an intolerable toothache before scheduling a dental appointment. Our experienced dentists at Lionsgate Family Dental can help you with any fears and phobias you may have.

At Lionsgate Family Dental, our sedation dentistry focuses on relieving anxiety and pain to help you relax in the dentist’s chair. We employ the safest and most effective form of sedation dentistry, Nitrous oxide/Oxygen analgesia, also known as the Laughing Gas. We can use Nitrous Oxide sedation for all kinds of dental procedures to assist with relieving anxiety. While under Nitrous Oxide sedation, you are fully awake; hence the risk factor reduces many folds. We will ask you to place a mask over your nose and breathe deep. In a matter of minutes, the laughing gas will start working. It is also quick to wear-off so you can safely drive back home after your dental procedure without any problem. 

If you have a phobia related to dental procedures, visit our clinic at 1509 Eastern Avenue, North Vancouver or call us at 604-980-0112.