Questions You Might Have Before Getting Dentures

Questions You Might Have Before Getting Dentures

Dentures are widely used among people with different oral conditions and ages to replace their lost or missing teeth. You might miss or lose your teeth for various reasons like aging, accidents, severe dental traumas, etc.

No matter why you lose your teeth, it’s essential to find an excellent replacement for them before it gets too late. Finding the replacement for your missing teeth can be a considerable challenge, especially if you don’t have adequate information to make a wide choice.

Also, the dexterity and skills of the professional dentist chosen to perform the treatment are significantly important to have an excellent result. Here at Lionsgate Family Dental, dentists are prepared to consult with patients and give them ideas of the suitable treatment after checking their oral condition.

Two of the most popular replacement treatments usually recommended by professional dentists are dentures and dental implants. According to the patient’s medical history, preferences and oral health, your dentist can guide you to make the best decision. Here are frequently asked questions about dentures answered by expert dentists to inform you about every necessary thing.

My dentures need to be taken care of. What should I do?

Many patients wonder how they can take good care of their dentures to benefit from their great function and appearance. First of all, you are required to know dentures can’t be affected by teeth whitening treatments like your natural teeth due to their specific materials. It’s also essential to maintain high-quality oral hygiene, just like your natural teeth, including the steps of brushing, flossing and rinsing mouthwash. Also, you can ask your cosmetic dentist every other question you have about the necessary steps you should go through.

Is there a likelihood that I will experience pain during the procedure?

Remember that all dental procedures cause slight pain and discomfort during and after the process, considered a regular period. However, with sedation dentistry, you won’t feel any significant pain since the dentist will numb you entirely during the process. Remember feeling a little bit uncomfortable is normal after getting dentures, and you will be used to them after a while. But suppose you don’t observe any changes in your pain and discomfort. In that case, it’s highly recommended to visit your implant dentist or your regular emergency dentist to relieve the pain until the main observation.

Is same-day dentistry possible for getting dentures?

First of all, it’s necessary to discuss with your prosthodontist to get more valid information, but professionals usually provide same-day dentures for patients with specific conditions. Dentures can be done in a day, just like wisdom teeth removal or other dental processes in the field of same-day dentistry.

When should I reline my dentures?

After years, if you feel uncomfortable with your dentures, you may be a candidate for denture relining to boost their function and appearance. It can be great to know that all dental procedures like dental veneers, dentures, dental bridges, etc., need to be checked and enhanced once in a while.

Having dentures can be one of the most important decisions you make in your life, so be careful to gain enough information before your final decision.

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