Preventative Dentistry North Vancouver

Preventative Dentistry

The approach to reducing the amount of dental treatment is termed preventive dentistry. At Lionsgate Family Dental, we strongly believe in the significance of preventive dentistry. Our proactive approach to managing dental issues before they cause any harm and demand a dental procedure will make your life easy. Preventive dentistry at our clinic emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups and cleaning, and the use of mouth guards in patients with grinding and clenching habits.

At Lionsgate Family Dental, our dentists use digital radiography as part of a thorough dental checkup to assess the health of your teeth and bone. Dental cleaning involves scaling and root planing of teeth to get rid of the hard calculus and plaque that would lead to gum disease and tooth decay if not removed. Also, at your checkup appointment we can do fluoride treatment to make the teeth more resistant to cavities. 

Bruxism is the involuntary grinding and clenching of the teeth. At Lionsgate Family Dental, we design the most effective night guards to prevent wear on teeth due to bruxism. We also prepare sports guards for players to protect their teeth against dental trauma.

Prevention is better than cure, so visit our clinic at 1509 Eastern Avenue, North Vancouver or call us at 604-980-0112.