Pediatric Dentist North Vancouver

Pediatric Dentistry

We at Lions Gate Dental Center make sure to offer the most satisfying and credible dental care for your kids. Our kids and their beautiful smiles are the best gifts of nature. Our team of qualified pediatric dentists promises to protect and restore the contagious, bright, and healthy smiles of your gorgeous kids. We strive to improve the general well-being of your kids by safeguarding their oral health. Good oral health means a healthy gut that in turn implies a healthy growing baby. 

Lions Gate Dental Center has one of the best Pediatric Dentistry in North Vancouver. Here we firmly believe in the significance of preventative dental care, and we encourage parents to bring their kids for an oral and dental check-up from an early age. Regular dental check-ups will ensure that kids will not suffer from untreated dental decay and make it part of their lifestyle to stay vigilant regarding their dental health. Untreated dental issues have devastating effects on the growing dentition of your children. We offer several preventative treatments to children. 

Since most kids are anxious to visit a doctor, especially a dentist, we have worked on making your kid’s first dental clinic visit enjoyable by beautifully decorating the clinic to offer a welcoming and fun feel! We make sure to introduce your kids to the world of dentistry in a desirable way. 

Prevention is better than cure, so visit our clinic at 1509 Eastern Avenue, North Vancouver V7L 3G2, or call us at 604-980-0112 to experience the best Pediatric Dentistry in North Vancouver