Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Implant Surgeon

Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Implant Surgeon

Dental implants are almost considered one of the most significant evolutions in dentistry history, improving to be better and more efficient. Dental implants give the patients a fantastic choice to have high-quality replacements for their lost teeth which can stay for a long time and even forever in case of good care. However, you need to know if you are a candidate for getting dental implants. And then, you must go through a complex procedure that takes a few months to see a completed result depending on your oral situation. The dental implant process is done under the observation of implant dentists who are usually oral surgeons or cooperate with an oral surgeon. As a resident in North Vancouver, if you look for a trusted team performing quality dental implants, Lionsgate Family Dental is the right answer for you. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are the ones who you can trust. 

A professional oral surgeon or periodontist has enough experience to manage the condition so that you can go through the necessary steps without any significant difficulty. Nevertheless, all oral surgeons can’t provide these professional services because of a lack of experience, knowledge, equipment, etc. So you can realize the importance of oral surgeons to have a smooth dental implant procedure. Here we list some vital questions to ask your oral surgeon to understand if he has enough of the skills you are searching for.

How Often Do You Perform Dental Implants?

The more dental implants your oral surgeon performs, the more experienced he is. There is a significant difference between an implant surgeon who places dental implants every week and the one who places 3 or 4 dental implants per year. Definitely, the oral surgeon with many candidates for getting dental implants has a better performance in related fields.

What Types of Difficulties or Failures Have You Had?

It’s highly recommended to ask your implant surgeon about their past problems to test if they are honest, experienced, and competent. There is no implant surgeon who doesn’t have any failures in his work history. Also, considering that the success rate for dental implants surgery is 96 percent, it means it’s expected to see 4 out of every 100 fail under the best circumstances.

How Long Have You Been a Dental Implant Surgeon?

It might be possible to find an oral surgeon who is highly excellent but a newcomer. However, having years of experience is one of the most critical factors that shows the implant surgeon’s competence. Ask your implant surgeon about the years he has been working in this field to know if he knows the techniques gained by experience or not.

What Are the Type and Brands of Dental Implants?

Besides the importance of your implant surgeon skills, the quality of used dental implants is seriously vital. The low-quality dental implants are cheaper, have low tolerances, and have lower quality control. It’s essential to ask your implant surgeon about the exact brand of the implants, and then you can easily have your research about it on the internet.

Getting dental implants is considered one of the most complicated procedures in cosmetic dentistry compared to other treatments. So be aware of every critical point to get a great result at the end.

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