Emergency Dentistry North Vancouver

Emergency Dentist

if you are you experiencing any of the following symptoms you might have a dental emergency and should visit a dental clinic as soon as possible :

  • broken or chipped tooth Orofacial  trauma
  • knocked-out tooth
  • severe toothache
  • Facial swelling
  • jaw pain
  • lost crown
  • Abscessed tooth
  • badly bitten tongue or lip Lost filling

at Lionsgate Family Dental we welcome any  emergency appointments regardless of you being registered with us or not. some of our emergency dental services include: drainage of tooth abscess, root canal treatment , to remove infected or damaged nerve from the tooth , extraction (removal) of badly broken/decayed tooth , filling of broken tooth or tooth with a lost filling and suturing for wound closure.

visit our clinic at 1509 Eastern Avenue North Vancouver or call us at 604-980-0112